Laboratories where imaging methods are used, by organisation name and type, global region and country

Our market studies map a wide range of imaging techniques and these findings provide opportunities to suppliers to identify the laboratories where these activities are being carried out. These include bioluminescence imaging, calcium imaging, near-infrared light to generate images of the body, fluorescence lifetime imaging, fluorescence microscopy, photoacoustic imaging, ultrasound imaging, photoactivated localization microscopy, atomic force microscopy, near-field scanning optical microscopy, coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering microscopy, fluorescent speckle microscopy, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, fluorescence recovery after photobleaching, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy, fluorescence or Förster resonance energy transfer, Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy, spinning disk confocal microscopy and laser scanning confocal microscopy. To find out more about these studies, please contact us using our contact form.