Cryo-Electron Microscopy 2018: Market Opportunities (Primary Report)

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THIS REPORT: This Primary Report of the Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) market broadly analyses the findings of the study across all areas profiled, which are detailed below. There are four versions of this report, namely 1) Cryo-EM Primary Report (this report) 2) Cryo-EM Leading Users 3) Cryo-EM Growth Markets and 4) Cryo-EM Applications. If you would like to see details of the other three versions of this report, please search for 'Cryo-EM' from the Home page search box.

GOALS: To enable suppliers in the Cryo-EM field to 1) identify laboratory organisations working in areas Cryo-EM that are of greatest value and relevance to their own company activities 2) to gain insights into key areas of the Cryo-EM market such as leading users, areas of market growth and the applications being used, in support of business development activities, in planning and strategic decision-making and 3) to enable the qualified market prospects to be immediately identified, enabling suppliers to focus their resources and reduce costs and risk in their development of qualified sales leads.

FORMAT: A PDF report and Excel database. These are simple to use and allow market opportunities to be identified in a few simple steps.

CRYO-ELECTRON MICROSCOPY 2018: We have carried out a comprehensive end-user based global market analysis of Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM). This analysis profiled the use of Cryo-EM over the period January 2015 to September 2018 and covered more than 1,550 examples of the research and clinical-related use of this technique, across 770 laboratory organisations. Each of these has been analysed to provide new commercial insights and to identify new developments and opportunities in this field.    

This study analysed eight sectors of the global Cryo-EM market, including laboratory organisations by name and address, Cryo-EM applications, global region, country, organisation type and others. The findings of this study provide a comprehensive source of new market information to suppliers in this field. This information provides new insights into the use of Cryo-EM, including recent developments, and enable suppliers to identify new sales prospects (both established and recent users of Cryo-EM) in the laboratory, across a comprehensive range of research and clinical-related applications.

Study findings include i) top Cryo-EM end-users by organisation name and address ii) leading Cryo-EM market sectors iii) top Cryo-EM clinical and research application areas, segmented across all areas of the market iv) high-growth Cryo-EM end-users, segmented across all areas of this study v) new or recent users of Cryo-EM, segmented across all areas of this study and vi) the identification of Cryo-EM users by global region, country, organisation type and other areas.

BACKGROUND: The PDF report provides an overview of findings, enabling the overall market picture to be viewed quickly and easily. The database enables an in-depth analysis of these findings, allowing prospects to be selected for the development of sales leads. The database can be searched, sorted, tabulated and plotted. A more detailed analysis can be carried out using pivot tables, which are set up in this database. Pivot tables allow the analysis of these data across 10 database fields (indicated below), notably by the organisation name. Directions on the use of pivot tables is provided in the database.

1.Laboratories: Organisation details, names, addresses, departments
2.Organisation types: Including institutes, universities, hospitals, companies and others
3.Departments: The end-user departments where these laboratory activities take place
4.Global Regions: Notably North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America
5.Countries: All major countries, notably the USA, Germany, Japan, China, UK, France, South Korea and Canada
6.Methods: Covering laboratory methods used in clinical, pathology, life science and research laboratories
7.Applications: Used in clinical, pathology, life science and research laboratories
8.Top Users: Based on their study outputs over the time period covered in the analysis.
9.Growing Users: Identifying users who have shown growth in their laboratory outputs over the time period of the study
10.Recent Users: Where there are only recent studies, but no findings on earlier studies, in the market areas of interest.

ABOUT: Laboratory Markets Limited analyses global laboratory activities, with a focus is on laboratory user groups. These groups represent specialised laboratory practices, which are defined by the methods and applications they run and the products they use. Our analysis of these activities is based on in-depth examinations of the scientific studies carried out across these individual groups, which cite the methods and applications used. This typically involves the analysis of between 2,000 to 30,000 studies. We also include the latest studies, to ensure that our findings are always up-to-date. These findings provide a valuable and cost-effective source of market information, enabling suppliers to take a selective approach to identify opportunities that are of greatest value or interest to their company.


Chapter 1 Background and Methodology

This new report is the outcome of an extensive market analysis of 1,550 examples of the use of Cryo-EM, across 770 laboratories, globally.

Chapter 2 Cryo-EM by Global Region

An analysis of the clinical and research use of Cryo-EM by global region.

Chapter 3 Cryo-EM by Country

An analysis of the use of Cryo-EM more by country.

Chapter 4 Cryo-EM by Application Area

An analysis of the use of Cryo-EM by research and clinical-related areas.

Chapter 5 Cryo-EM by Organisation Type

An analysis of the use of Cryo-EM across all organisation types

Chapter 6 Top Cryo-EM Users

An analysis of the top Cryo-EM users across 770 organisations by name and address.

Chapter 7 Cryo-EM Market Sectors

An analysis of the use of Cryo-EM across multiple market sectors covered in this study.

Chapter 8 Cryo-EM High-Growth Users

An analysis of high-growth Cryo-EM users across 770 organisations by name and address.

Chapter 9 Cryo-EM New/Recent Users

An analysis of new or recent Cryo-EM users, globally.

Chapter 10 Discussion

This chapter presents a discussion of these findings and identifies new insights, developments and opportunities in this field.