Liquid Biopsy Global Product Analysis
Instrumentation, Ancillaries, Kits, Consumables, Reagents, Methods, Applications and Clients
Publication date: 2nd May 2017 Pages: 187 Report Code LBio17-01
Published by Laboratory Markets Limited, UK

This market study provides a detailed analysis of laboratory products being used in the liquid biopsy field. These product areas include instrumentation, ancillary equipment and ancillary systems, kit-based products in all areas and consumables from reagent levels upwards. These product areas relate to all liquid biopsy strategies from circulating tumour cells to exosomes, circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) and circulating cell-free tumour DNA (ctDNA) other genetic markers being explored in this evolving field. These products are classified by company suppliers, product names, methods areas and by their applications in the liquid biopsy field. Overall, the study identified 128 company suppliers, 449 individual products by name in 195 method areas and 186 applications relating to liquid biopsy

The report provides a competitive analysis across all of these product areas of the liquid biopsy field, covering global regions, countries and organisations types (including hospitals, companies and institutes etc) as well as the names of the organisations profiled in this study. In carrying out this market analysis, we profiled over 700 methodology approaches and the associated products used, across all areas where liquid biopsy field. We also used these findings to develop an extensive study file of more than [xxx] organisations globally, which includes current users. This allowed us to predict future liquid biopsy users in the years ahead and these end-user findings (i.e. organisation names, countries etc) are also provided with the report and a valued source of qualified leads to report purchasers.
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