Our laboratory market findings are provided in formats that are easy to access, understand and use

In carrying our market studies, we have three goals in mind. These are to enable laboratory suppliers to expand the market reach of their own products, to identify new market openings and to identify where the most important opportunities will be found over the next three years. Our findings, based on our in-depth analyses of specialised laboratory products, deliver business solutions in these three areas. We also supply the study data file of market information we compile, alongside the PDF market report. These are provided in searchable formats that link specific products and activities to the organisations using them. Our findings are also provided in formats that are easy to access, understand and use. We believe these offer complete market solutions to suppliers, from understanding end-user practices and the products they use, through to the organisations themselves. To find out more about how we can help your marketing and sales activities and future plans,please use our contact form.

New Reports


Liquid Biopsy

This report gives a comprehensive analysis of the liquid biopsy market 2016 – 2020


Fluorescence Microscopy

This global market study profiles fluorescence microscopy across 2,200 organisations


Western Blotting

This study profiles Western Blotting across more than 15,000 organisations


Mass Spectrometry

The study profiles mass spectrometry across more than 14,000 organisations


Flow Cytometry

This market report profiles flow cytometry across more than 9,300 organisations



A comprehensive analysis of the global analytical HPLC market 2016 to 2020


DNA Sequencing

This report gives a comprehensive analysis of the DNA sequencing market 2016 – 2020