Our market findings enable suppliers to extend the reach of their products and identify new opportunities

Laboratory activities, from research to clinical support, present some of today’s most demanding markets. The use of complex methods, diverse applications, increasing specialisation and drives to reduce costs while improving performance, present many challenges to developers and suppliers. Laboratory Markets Limited provides market support to suppliers in these fields. We analyse the use of specialised laboratory products from reagent level upwards. We profile and quantify the current and evolving needs of laboratory scientists and clinicians and provide this information to suppliers to support their commercial decisions. This market information assists suppliers to identify new opportunities and extend the market reach of their products. To find out more about how we can help your marketing and sales activities, please use our Contact Form.

Our findings support suppliers’ business decisions in marketing and sales, innovation and strategy

Our market studies identify and profile laboratory products used by research scientists and clinicians. These include instrumentation, ancillaries, consumables, kits and reagents, as well as associated methods and applications. Our studies also provide extensive details of the clients using these products, including organisation names. To us, understanding the fine detail of these activities is vital. Not only does this enable us to accurately profile products being used, but why they are being used too. We compile and analyse these findings to help suppliers understand end-user needs and to identify new market opportunities. However, there is another, equally important, reason for our detailed approach. We use the findings ourselves, to identify leading market areas and where the greatest growth and most important opportunities are likely to emerge over the next three years. These findings are based on real-world product-related information and as such will support decision-making in marketing and sales, innovation and strategy. We also carry out customised research, to meet clients’ own specialised needs..

Our Approach

The approach we use when we undertake our market research enables us to provide a comprehensive package of valuable market information to suppliers, from detailed product-related information on how scientists and clinicians carry out their work in the laboratory, to the many other organisations working in the same areas, as a valuable source of qualified market prospects. There are two stages to our approach. In the first stage, when we carry out our studies we focus exclusively on laboratory products, methods and applications. These products include instrumentation, ancillary systems, kits, assay, reagents and consumables. This product-based analysis is presented in our market report, which also analyses these activities globally, by country, organisation types and across other areas. By taking a product-based approach, we are able to provide ‘real world’ information on the practices and activities of laboratory scientists and clinicians in their specialised areas. In the second stage of our approach, we use the detailed information already gathered to identify other laboratory organisations working in the same specialised areas. We then produce an extensive study file of end-users and organisations working in these fields. The final product we provide consists of a market report, which analyses the findings of the study, together with two searchable study files produced in stages one and two described above.

New Reports


Liquid Biopsy

This report gives a comprehensive analysis of the liquid biopsy market 2016 – 2020


Fluorescence Microscopy

This global market study profiles fluorescence microscopy across 2,200 organisations


Western Blotting

This study profiles Western Blotting across more than 15,000 organisations


Mass Spectrometry

The study profiles mass spectrometry across more than 14,000 organisations


Flow Cytometry

This market report profiles flow cytometry across more than 9,300 organisations



A comprehensive analysis of the global analytical HPLC market 2016 to 2020


DNA Sequencing

This report gives a comprehensive analysis of the DNA sequencing market 2016 – 2020